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    Glucose of пищ 1702305000

    Glucose of пищ
    Glucose of пищ
    Glucose of пищ
    Glucose of пищ
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    Glucose, or grape sugar, or dextrose is found in the juice of many fruits and berries, including grapes, from which the name of this type of sugar originates.

    It is a hexose sugar. The glucose link is part of a number of di- (maltose, sucrose and lactose) and polysaccharides (cellulose, starch). A colorless, crystalline substance of sweet taste, soluble in water, soluble in Schweitzer's reagent: ammonia solution of copper hydroxide - Cu (NH3) 4 (OH) 2, in concentrated solution of zinc chloride and concentrated solution of sulfuric acid.

    Glucose is used in case of intoxication (for example, with food poisoning or the activity of an infection), it is administered intravenously by jet and drip, since it is a universal antitoxic agent. Also, glucose-based drugs and glucose itself are used by endocrinologists to determine the presence and type of diabetes mellitus in humans (in the form of a stress test to remove an increased amount of glucose from the body).

    Glucose is mainly used in the production of food. Glucose is used in baking. The advantage of using glucose in bakery lies not only in the fact that the dough is quickly and completely fermented, but also in the fact that the crust of bread products becomes shiny golden brown, the crumb has uniform porosity, good taste and retains freshness for a long time.

    In addition, the use of glucose in baking was aimed at lowering the cost of bread due to the lower price of glucose than beet sugar. In the confectionery industry, glucose is used in a mixture with sugar in the manufacture of soft candies, chocolate, cookies, crackers, muffins. Glucose is also widely used in the production of alcoholic beverages - beer, wine, liqueurs.

    The use of glucose in a mixture with molasses in the production of canned food, frozen fruits and jams has increased 6 times in recent years. Currently, glucose is used in the production of ice cream mixed with sugar. In fruit ice cream, the percentage of glucose and molasses is higher than in creamy, this is due to the fact that their use increases the quality of ice cream, giving it the taste of fruit and maintaining the aroma. Crystalline glucose is available in the form of tablets, bars and candies, as well as in small packaging.

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