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    Calcium chlorous (á/â) пищ (granules) 2915907090

    Calcium chlorous (á/â) пищ (granules)
    Calcium chlorous (á/â) пищ (granules)
    Calcium chlorous (á/â) пищ (granules)
    Calcium chlorous (á/â) пищ (granules)
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2915907090
    • The country of manufacture: Китай, Европа
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Calcium chloride, CaCl2 - calcium salt of hydrochloric acid. Registered as a food additive E509.

    Considered harmless (as an additive). Colorless crystals with a density of 2.51 g / cm?, mp 772 В° C. Possesses high hygroscopic properties. Solubility (g per 100 g H2O): 74 (20 В° C) and 159 (100 В° C). Aqueous solutions of calcium chloride freeze at low temperatures (20% - at ?18.57 В° C, 30% - at ?48 В° C).

    Used in the production of cheese, cottage cheese, milk powder ; jam, jelly, marmalade; canned vegetables and fruits. In the dairy industry, calcium chloride (E-509) is used in the production of fermented dairy products and plays an important role in the formation of a clot. The addition of calcium chloride leads to an increase in the yield of the final product.

    It compensates for the low level of calcium in milk, as well as its loss after pasteurization, affects the duration of formation and the palatability of the curd. calcium ions promote protein binding.

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