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    Lactose, пищ
    Lactose, пищ
    Lactose, пищ
    Lactose, пищ
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    Lactose C12H22O11 is a carbohydrate of the disaccharide group, found in milk and dairy products.

    The lactose molecule consists of the remains of glucose and galactose molecules. Lactose is sometimes called milk sugar. The raw material for production is milk whey, from which, using membrane technology and drying methods, milk sugar is isolated and then dehydrated, it is a homogeneous powder from white to yellowish color, without foreign taste and smell.

    Lactose is used : - in the dairy industry for the manufacture of baby food, canned milk, desserts; - in the dairy industry, lactose is used as a seed for crystallization in the production of condensed milk; - in the production of sausages to mask salty and bitter tastes and increase the color stability of the product; - in confectionery production in the manufacture of chocolate, jelly, marmalade, sweets, cookies; - in bakery; - in the manufacture of sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise; - for the manufacture dietary types of food for children, athletes, people with diabetes; - in alcoholic beverages to improve the taste and purity of the product to give a mild taste and pleasant aroma; - in the pharmaceutical industry as a binder and filler in tabletting, in the manufacture of syrupy and chewable forms of medicinal means for stabilizing liquid and dry vitamin compositions.

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