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    Sodium of глютаминат пищ (Hebei Meihua) 2922420000

    Sodium of глютаминат пищ (Hebei Meihua)
    Sodium of глютаминат пищ (Hebei Meihua)
    Sodium of глютаминат пищ (Hebei Meihua)
    Sodium of глютаминат пищ (Hebei Meihua)
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    MSG is the monosodium salt of glutamic acid.

    It was first obtained in Japan from algae rich in glutamic acid. Today, monosodium glutamate is extracted by bacterial fermentation with the participation of yeast bacteria (Brevibacterium, Arthrobacter, Microbacterium, Corynebacterium). The starting material is starch, sugar beet, molasses. Monosodium glutamate (E 621) is used to enhance the taste of food.

    It is used in cooked sausages, canned meat and vegetable preserves, semi-finished products, salads, in almost every seasoning, sauce, bouillon cubes. The flavor enhancer allows food manufacturers to save on natural ingredients - meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, seafood, vegetables.

    If you add only a few crushed fibers of natural raw materials or its extract to a food product, but at the same time use monosodium glutamate, the product acquires a bright and rich taste of a natural product.

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