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    Sodium of изоаскорбинат пищ 2932209000

    Sodium of изоаскорбинат пищ
    Sodium of изоаскорбинат пищ
    Sodium of изоаскорбинат пищ
    Sodium of изоаскорбинат пищ
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    Sodium isoascorbinate (sodium erythorbate, food additive E316) is white crystals, almost odorless.

    In the food industry, the additive E316 is mainly used as an antioxidant. Chemically, sodium isoascorbate is the sodium salt of erythorbic acid. Chemical formula of sodium isoascorbate: C6H7NaO6. Get the additive E316 from acids and sodium hydroxide. Sodium isoascorbate can also be obtained from natural sources (sugar beets, sugarcane, corn) in the production of sugar.

    Sodium isoascorbate is able to slow down the oxidation of organic compounds. In the food industry, E316 additive is also used as an acidifier, color stabilizer and acidity regulator. The use of the E316 additive in products allows them to increase their shelf life several times.

    Due to the antioxidant properties of sodium isoascorbate, the E316 additive preserves the freshness and aroma of products, preventing the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in them. The E316 additive is most widely used in the confectionery, bakery and fat-and-oil industries.

    The E316 antioxidant is also used in the meat industry and in the production of sausages to stabilize the color of meat products. Sodium isoascorbate is often used in winemaking, in the preparation of beer, sauces, and soft drinks. In addition, E316 additive can be used to prevent browning of vegetables and fruits.

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