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    Fructose of пищ 1702500000

    Fructose of пищ
    Fructose of пищ
    Fructose of пищ
    Fructose of пищ
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    Fructose (arabino-hexulose, levulose, fruit sugar) - monosaccharide - ketohexose

    In living organisms, only the D-isomer is present - in free form in almost all sweet berries and fruits, it is included as a monosaccharide link in the composition of sucrose and lactulose. Used in the preparation of drinks and desserts. It is well absorbed by the body without exerting a harmful effect.

    Since fructose has a pleasant sweet taste, when using it, the amount of sugar can be reduced by 30-50%. This is essential in the production of low-calorie dietary products and in the pharmacopoeia for patients with diabetes mellitus. The relative sweetness of sweet substances is presented below: Fructose 120-175, Sucrose 100, Glucose 70, Sorbitol 50-60, Manit 40-50, Maltose 30, lactose 15.

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