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    Cyclamate of sodium 2929900000

    Cyclamate of sodium
    Cyclamate of sodium
    Cyclamate of sodium
    Cyclamate of sodium
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    Sodium cyclamate (sodium salt of cyclohexylamino-M-sulfonic acid) is a non-nutritive sweetener.

    White crystalline powder. Stable when heated to 250 C. Stable during processing and storage. Well wetted and soluble in cold water (up to 200 g / l). The sweetness is 30 times that of sucrose. The mouthfeel grows slowly.

    In solutions with high concentration, it creates a sour taste. The permissible daily intake (ADI) is set at a level not exceeding 0-11 mg / kg of body weight, which does not exceed the sweetness of 23 g of sucrose in terms of an average person weighing 70 kg. Shows synergism in mixtures with acesulfame, aspartame and saccharinate.

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