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    Calcium of пантотенат (D) фарм 2936240000

    Calcium of пантотенат (D) фарм
    Calcium of пантотенат (D) фарм
    Calcium of пантотенат (D) фарм
    Calcium of пантотенат (D) фарм
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    Pantothenic acid, pantothenate (dosage form - calcium pantothenate, vitamin B5, incorrect designation - vitamin B3).

    Pantothenic acid is a dipeptide by its chemical nature and consists of amino acid residues ?-alanine and panthoic acid. Regulates calcium-phosphorus metabolism in the body. Calcium pantothenate is easily absorbed in the intestines and is broken down, releasing pantothenic acid.

    Pantothenic acid is involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, stimulates the formation of corticosteroids, and accelerates regeneration processes. About 60% is excreted in the urine, partly in the feces. Pantothenate, sometimes referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin,” supports normal adrenal function by helping them synthesize anti-inflammatory steroids.

    These hormones can change the course of diseases - arthritis, colitis, allergies, heart disease. In Dr. Atkins' research, the use of pantothenic acid allowed patients to completely free themselves from the lifelong need to use prednisone. Vitamin B5 has the ability to reduce the toxicity of certain drugs (streptomycin, arsenic, tuberculostatic drugs).

    It promotes overall skin health, accelerates wound healing and healing after surgery.

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