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    Kholin is chlorous 2309903100

    Kholin is chlorous
    Kholin is chlorous
    Kholin is chlorous
    Kholin is chlorous
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    Choline chloride (chemical name - (2-Oxyethyl) -trimethylammonium chloride) is a white crystalline powder with a characteristic smell of amines.

    Very hygroscopic. Let's very easily dissolve in water, easily - in alcohol. Choline chloride is conventionally referred to as a complex of vitamins of group B. It is a substance from which acetylcholine is formed in the body - one of the main mediators of nervous excitement. Choline is a part of the phospholipid lecithin, which is an important component of the cells of the body.

    Plays an important role in the metabolism of phospholipids; participates in the synthesis of phospholipids in the liver. Lack of choline in the body of animals leads to the development of fatty infiltration and hemorrhagic degeneration of the liver and kidneys, involution of the thymus gland. Choline is one of the main representatives of the so-called lipotropic substances that prevent or reduce fatty liver infiltration.

    It is also an important source of methyl groups necessary for biochemical processes in the body. Choline chloride is prescribed for liver diseases: Botkin's disease, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis (mainly in the early stages), hypothyroidism, cystinuria, atherosclerosis, chronic alcoholism.

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