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    Iodine crystalline фарм 2801200000

    Iodine crystalline фарм
    Iodine crystalline фарм
    Iodine crystalline фарм
    Iodine crystalline фарм
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    • Brand name: Dow Chemical

    Iodine is a grayish-black plate with a metallic sheen or crystal clusters with a peculiar smell.

    Volatile at room temperature, sublimes when heated, forming purple couples. Let's dissolve in 10 parts of 95% alcohol, we will dissolve very little in water (1: 5000), easily dissolves in aqueous solutions of potassium and sodium iodides. Let's dissolve in ether and chloroform.

    Crystalline iodine is widely used in medicine, organic chemistry, in the production of iodide salts, veterinary and medicinal products. It is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, as well as in the production of various feed additives. In medicine, iodine is included in many drugs, such as Lugol's solution, an alcohol solution of iodine, and iodine ointments.

    In the form of ointments and solutions it is applied externally, providing an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and mucous membranes. It is widely used for treating wounds, the surgeon's hands and the surgical site.

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