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    Camphor of фарм 2914290020

    Camphor of фарм
    Camphor of фарм
    Camphor of фарм
    Camphor of фарм
    Camphor of фарм
    Camphor of фарм
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    Camphor is a terpenoid, terpene ketone. Colorless volatile crystals with a characteristic odor; poorly soluble in water, well - in low-polar organic solvents, including alcohols; exists in the form of two optically active forms ((d) - and (l) - forms, m.p. 178.5-179 В° C) and in the form of a racemic mixture, m.p. = 178-178.5 В° C.

    D- and L- camphor are used in medicine, racemic camphor is allowed only for external use due to increased toxicity due to chemical pollution. Pharmacologists consider camphor as an important representative of analeptic drugs. When injected under the skin, solutions of camphor in vegetable oil tone up the respiratory center, stimulate the vasomotor center. It also has a direct effect on the heart muscle, enhancing metabolic processes in it and increasing its sensitivity to the influence of sympathetic nerves.

    Under the influence of camphor, peripheral blood vessels narrow. Promotes the separation of phlegm. It is possible that camphor inhibits platelet aggregation, and therefore it is recommended for use to improve microcirculation.

    Apply camphor solutions in complex therapy for acute and chronic heart failure, collapse, with respiratory depression; pneumonia and other infectious diseases, with hypnotic poisoning and narcotic drugs as an antidote.

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