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    Tannin of фарм 3201909000

    Tannin of фарм
    Tannin of фарм
    Tannin of фарм
    Tannin of фарм
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    Tannins are a group of plant phenolic compounds containing a large number of —OH groups.

    Tannins have tanning properties and a characteristic astringent taste. The tanning effect of tannins is based on their ability to form strong bonds with proteins, polysaccharides and other biopolymers. Tannins are found in bark, wood, leaves, fruits (sometimes seeds, roots, tubers) of many plants - oak, chestnut, acacia, spruce, larch, Canadian hemlock, eucalyptus, tea, cocoa, pomegranate, bird cherry, persimmon, cinchona, sumach, quebracho and others.

    Tannins give leaves and fruits a tart, astringent taste. Tannins inhibit the growth of microorganisms pathogenic for many plants, protect plants from being eaten by animals (for ruminants, the taste of tannins is probably unpleasant, so the feed is eaten reluctantly, but not poisonous) .anin is used as an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent in inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes, inflammatory diseases of the cavity mouth, pharynx and larynx: stomatitis, gingivitis, pharyngitis; for weeping ulcers, burns and bedsores, for poisoning with alkaloids and metals (for gastric lavage, the therapeutic effect is due to the formation of sparingly soluble thanats).

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