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    Glacial acetic acid " HCh "(ethanic acid) is a clear liquid with a characteristic odor, mixes with many solvents, dissolves organic compounds well, gases HF, HCl, HBr, HI, etc. dissolve in it, and is hygroscopic. Forms azeotropic mixtures.


    Acetic acid (ethanic acid) can be obtained in several ways: - catalytic oxidation of acetaldehyde with oxygen in the presence of a catalyst at 56-75 В° C, - in industry, acetic acid is obtained from methanol and carbon monoxide (II), - oxidation of n-butane at a temperature of 200 В° C and a pressure of 50 atm in the presence of cobalt catalyst (Emanuel reaction), - biochemical production of acetic acid by fermentation (acetic acid fermentation). Ethanol-containing liquids (wine, fermented juices) and oxygen are used as raw materials. As auxiliary substances - enzymes of acetic acid bacteria or fungi (yeast).


    Acetic acid (ethanic acid) is used - in food industry, in the manufacture of seasonings, pickles, canned food, table vinegar, vinegar essence, - in pharmaceuticals, in the production of medicinal funds (aspirin, phenacetin); - in perfumery, - as a raw material in the production of acetic anhydride, acetyl chloride, monochloroacetic acid, acetates, dyes, insecticides, - as varnish thinner, latex coagulant, - as an acetylating agent in organic synthesis, - acetic acid salts (Fe, Al, Cr, etc.) - stains during dyeing, etc.

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