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    Potassium hydroxide those (Korea) 2815200000

    Potassium hydroxide those (Korea)
    Potassium hydroxide those (Korea)
    Potassium hydroxide those (Korea)
    Potassium hydroxide those (Korea)
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    Potassium hydroxide (Latin Kalium hydroxidum, potassium lye) - Colorless, very hygroscopic crystals , but hygroscopicity is less than that of sodium hydroxide. Trivial names: caustic potash, caustic potash. Aqueous solutions of KOH have a strongly alkaline reaction. Obtained by electrolysis of KCl solutions, used in the production of liquid soaps, to obtain various potassium compounds. It is used to produce methane, absorb acid gases, and detect some cations in solutions.

    Used in the production of liquid soaps, as a starting product for the production of various potassium salts, etc. .d. In zirconium production it is used to obtain defluorinated zirconium hydroxide. In the field of industrial washing, products based on potassium hydroxide, heated to 50-60 В° C, are used to clean stainless steel products from grease and other oily substances, as well as mechanical processing residues.

    Used as an electrolyte in alkaline (alkaline) batteries. Registered as food additive E525 in the food industry.

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