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    A lime is chloric (chlorine) 2828100000

    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
    A lime is chloric (chlorine)
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    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
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    Bleach grade 1 - 3; production of JSC "KHIMPROM" city of Volgograd. P / p bags 21 kg. Delivery is free.

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    a chloric lime GOSTGOST 1692-85
    a chloric lime is a boiling temperature175°C
    a chloric lime is a class of danger2
    a chloric lime is a closenessCloseness at 20°С, ã/êóá.ñì - 0,6.
    a chloric lime is a code of TM of VEDAS2828100000
    a chloric lime is a formulaMixture of dibasic salt of hypochlorite of calcium, оксихлорида calcium, chloride and hydroxide of calcium
    a chloric lime is a management of qualityISO 9001:2008
    a chloric lime is a producerVOAO "KHIMPROM" Volgograd, Russian Federation
    a chloric lime is a site of producerhttp://www.vocco.ru/products/promylennost/
    a chloric lime is a sort43891
    a chloric lime is activityMass stake of active chlorine 25-28 %
    a chloric lime is character of priceswholesale and retail
    a chloric lime is deliveryon territory of Ukraine
    a chloric lime is molar mass142.98 ã/ìîëü
    a chloric lime is original appearancePowder of white color or слабоокрашенный with the presence of lumps
    a chloric lime is other producersSC CHIMCOMPLEX S A BORRZESTI
    a chloric lime is physical and chemical propertieswell water-soluble, on the basis of which various liquid mixtures can be got with require
    a chloric lime is shelf-life1 year from the date of making
    a chloric lime is the chemical namehypochloride of calcium
    a chloric lime is the domestic namechlorine
    a chloric lime is the name on EnglishCalcium hypochlorosum. Calcaria chlorata.
    a chloric lime packingB/Ss of ï/ï are 22 kg of net
    a chloric lime the basic settingdisinfectant
    chloric lime of markAnd
    chloric lime of safety measureduring work to use an overall
    chloric lime of storagekept in apartments without access of direct sunbeams and without heating, with good ventilation
    chloric lime of the usedisinfection and disinfestation
    chloric lime of transportingany type of transport
    chloric lime of квалефикацияindustrial raw material

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