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    The amino acid L-треонин 2922500090

    The amino acid L-треонин
    The amino acid L-треонин
    The amino acid L-треонин
    The amino acid L-треонин
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2922500090
    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
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    • Brand name: Европа
    Solubility 20.5 g / 100 ml at 25 ?

    Bulk density 700 kg / m3 (+ / - 5%)

    Shelf life 2 years

    Moisture content ? 1.5%

    Residue on ignition ?0.4%

    Heavy metals ?15ppm

    Arsenic ?1.5ppm

    Nutritional value:

    Energy value of pork: 3820 kcal / kg

    Energy value of poultry meat: 3480 kcal / kg

    Brief information:

    1. Regulates the balance of amino acids in the feed, promoting the growth of the animal

    2. Improves the quality of meat

    3. Increases the nutritional value of feed with a low degree of absorption of amino acids

    4. Reduces the cost of raw materials for feed

    Amino acids

    Amino acids play a very important role in the life of organisms since all protein substances are built from amino acids. Many plants and bacteria can synthesize all the amino acids they need from simple inorganic compounds. Most amino acids are synthesized in the human and animal body from ordinary nitrogen-free metabolic products and assimilable nitrogen. However, 8 amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan and phenylalanine) are essential, i.e. cannot be synthesized in the body of animals and humans, and must be delivered with food.

    With a lack of these amino acids (more often tryptophan, lysine, methionine) or in the absence of at least one of them in food, the synthesis of proteins and many other biologically important substances necessary for life is impossible.

    Agricultural diets. animals must contain all the amino acids necessary for the body, especially essential ones, therefore, when organizing feeding, they began to take into account in feed not only the total amount of protein, as was customary before, but also essential amino acids. The diets of pigs and poultry must be balanced in terms of amino acid content. For this purpose, feed is selected that complement each other in terms of amino acid composition, as well as synthetic amino acids produced by the industry are used.

    Synthetic amino acids are fed in a mixture with concentrates; it is more expedient to add them to industrial feed.


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