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    Sorbic acid of E200 (Rugao) 2916199510

    Sorbic acid of E200 (Rugao)
    Sorbic acid of E200 (Rugao)
    Sorbic acid of E200 (Rugao)
    Sorbic acid of E200 (Rugao)
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    • SKU: 21243114
    • ТН ВЭД: 2916199510
    • The country of manufacture: Украина, Еврос
    • Status: предоплата
    • Brand name: Европа

    E200 (Rugao) company manufacturer: Wenda (China)

    product description: natural preservative

    Food additive, preservative E200. Dosages in the food industry: 0.05-0.2%

    Suppresses yeast, molds, some bacteria. Sorbic acid exhibits antimicrobial effects only at a pH below 6.5. In recommended dosages, it does not change the organoleptic properties of food products.

    Appearance: white crystalline powder with a weak specific odor and slightly acidic taste.

    Areas use:

    • all kinds of cheeses, incl. hard and processed,
    • sugar and flour confectionery, chocolate fillers, pralines, creams,
    • dairy and sour milk products, cottage cheese, sour cream,
    • fish processing,
    • fruit products and canned food, preserves, jams, purees,
    • processing and pickling of vegetables, canned vegetables
    • baking, dough and fat emulsions,
    • meat processing, boiled and smoked sausages, sausages, small sausages, dumplings, minced meat, cutlets, pates, dumplings,
    • poultry processing,
    • margarines,
    • mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and other sauces,
    • stabilizing wine with residual sugar,

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