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    Sugar, granulated sugar or refined sugar (sugar in the form of cubes) is the common name for sucrose.

    Shipment from 20 tons

    The homeland of sugar is India, where it is were made from sugar cane, and in Russia the production of sugar from domestic raw materials - sugar beet - was adjusted.


    Sugar is an important ingredient in various dishes, drinks, bakery and confectionery products. It is added to tea, coffee, cocoa; it is the main component of sweets, glazes, creams and ice cream. Sugar is used in meat canning, leather dressing and in the tobacco industry. It serves as a preservative in jams, jellies and other fruit products.

    Sugar is also important for the chemical industry. Thousands of derivatives are obtained from it, used in various fields, including the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals , fizzy drinks and frozen food.

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    Form of issueSaccharine sand
    Type of sugarSugar-beet

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