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    product description:

    Paprika is dried chopped red and green peppers.

    Paprika is loved in South America, India, Spain, Central Asia, Europe, no cuisine in the world is complete without dried paprika.

    Pepper stimulates appetite, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the work of the pancreas. If you take the same amount of citrus fruits and paprika, paprika contains more vitamin-C. Dried paprika contains - an alkaloid that causes an irritating effect and a burning taste, sugar, proteins; vitamins C, carotene, P, B1, B2, essential and fatty oils, steroid saponins.

    Often, dried paprika is sold not in ground form, but in the form of chopped pieces, so it is more convenient to use it when preparing marinades.

    Green and red dried peppers are used to make lecho, as a seasoning for seasoning soups , for cooking dishes with stews, various national dishes, vegetable salads, sauces. Peppers can be pickled, grilled and salted. Dried paprika should not be exposed to prolonged heat treatment. It is important to remember that the maximum temperature for paprika is the temperature of boiling water, but in heated oil the paprika will instantly burn out.

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