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    A pepper is a sweet pea 904120000

    A pepper is a sweet pea
    A pepper is a sweet pea
    A pepper is a sweet pea
    A pepper is a sweet pea
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    Sweet peas

    manufacturer company: Mexico

    product description:

    Scented, or Jamaican pepper - dried unripe fruits of an evergreen tropical tree - medicinal pimento. After drying, these fruits are rough brown peas 2-3 times larger than those of black pepper, containing up to 4% of essential oil. Allspice has a spicy smell, pungent taste. Homeland - the islands of the Caribbean. Cultivated in India, Central and South America. It goes on sale in the form of peas and ground.

    Whole peas are added to meat soups, marinades, sauces for meat (less often in fish dishes) and removed from the dish before use; it gives flavor to grilled meat, especially game. Allspice is slightly soluble in water. In ground form, allspice is added only to confectionery dough (gingerbread, cookies, muffins) as one of the components of spicy mixtures.

    Allspice peas are made in Mexico. Spice. It is used in the production of marinades, sauces, soups, in the meat industry, as well as in mixtures of spices.

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