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    A garlic is dried 703200000

    A garlic is dried
    A garlic is dried
    A garlic is dried
    A garlic is dried
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    Dried garlic

    manufacturer company: China

    product description:

    There are many different types of garlic, the most common of which is white, with a very thin, silky skin. Pink and purple garlic have thicker skins and fleshy, thick cloves. The giant garlic is native to California, and the miniature variety (only four to six cloves per bulb) is grown in Southeast Asia.

    The high nutritional and medicinal properties of garlic are due to its extremely rich chemical composition. It contains amino acids and flavonoids that are especially valuable for humans - substances that relax vascular spasms, lowering blood pressure and helping to eliminate cholesterol from the body. Garlic increases the body's resistance to colds and other infectious diseases, stimulates appetite, improves digestion and heart function.

    Boosts the immune system. Acts as an anticoagulant that thins the blood and prevents dangerous blood clots from forming. Protects the aging brain from a decline in intelligence, including memory loss, difficulty thinking and impaired learning ability, depression.

    Currently, dried vegetables are widely used as raw materials for the production of a variety of foods : dry instant soups and main courses, chips, semi-finished products, frozen foods such as cutlets, croquettes, dumplings, pates (as special additives), for the bakery and confectionery industry, as well as for the preparation of side dishes at catering establishments, and so on.

    Dried garlic made in China. Has a pungent taste and characteristic odor. It is used as a seasoning in the production of instant food, preparation of second courses, pickles, pickles, soups.

    Sizes: 8-16, 16-26, 26-40, 40-60. Flakes 1 and 2 grade.

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