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    A pepper is a black pea 904120000

    A pepper is a black pea
    A pepper is a black pea
    A pepper is a black pea
    A pepper is a black pea
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    Black peppercorns

    manufacturer company: Vietnam

    product description:

    Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world. The homeland of black pepper is the Malabar coast, located in the southwest of India. Now black pepper is grown in all tropical areas.

    Black pepper is obtained from the unripe fruits of the plant. In order to clean them and prepare them for drying, the fruits are quickly scalded in hot water. The fruits are then dried in the sun or by machines for several days. The fruits dried in this way are called black peppercorns. Black pepper is used both with whole peas and ground - as a separate seasoning, and in a variety of mixtures.

    Application - the widest: pepper is used for meat dishes, and soups, and vegetables, and salads. In many countries, it is customary to put a pepper shaker with black pepper on the table as an indispensable attribute of any meal.

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