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    Ammonium molybdate 2841700000

    Ammonium molybdate
    Ammonium molybdate
    Ammonium molybdate
    Ammonium molybdate
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    Ammonium molybdate


    AMMONIUM MOLIBDATE , molybdenum ammonium, molybdenum micronutrient fertilizer. Non-hygroscopic, contains up to 50% Mo, readily soluble in water. It is obtained from a concentrate of molybdenum ores containing Mo in the form of molybdenite (MoS2) and other minerals.

    Used on acidic sod-podzolic, gray forest soils and leached chernozems, for seed treatment and foliar feeding of leguminous and vegetable crops, legumes, sugar. beets, flax, buckwheat, etc.

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