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    Glucose of фарм. безв. 1702305000

    Glucose of фарм. безв.
    Glucose of фарм. безв.
    Glucose of фарм. безв.
    Glucose of фарм. безв.
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    • Brand name: BASF

    Glucose (C6h22O6), or grape sugar, or dextrose is found in the juice of many fruits and berries, including grapes, from which the name of this type of sugar originated. It is a hexose sugar. Colorless crystalline substance of sweet taste, soluble in water. Glucose is the end product of the hydrolysis of most disaccharides and polysaccharides.

    Application :

    Glucose is used for intoxication (for example, food poisoning or activity of infection), injected intravenously and drip, as it is a universal antitoxic agent.


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