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    Gland an oxide is red 2821200000

    Gland an oxide is red
    Gland an oxide is red
    Gland an oxide is red
    Gland an oxide is red
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    Glucose (C6h22O6), or grape sugar, or dextrose is found in the juice of many fruits and berries, including grapes, from which the name of this type of sugar originated. It is a hexose sugar. Colorless crystalline substance of sweet taste, soluble in water. Glucose is the end product of hydrolysis of most disaccharides and polysaccharides.

    Natural red iron oxide pigment (mineral paint)

    Pigments are highly dispersed dry colored powdery substances insoluble in water and film-forming substances, intended for painting various materials and compositions.

    Pigments are used for painting building materials, concrete, facade tiles, paving slabs,

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