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    The sorbate of potassium is food 2916199590

    The sorbate of potassium is food
    The sorbate of potassium is food
    The sorbate of potassium is food
    The sorbate of potassium is food
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    Potassium sorbic acid

    Every person encounters preservatives in food every day, but not everyone, for example, knows potassium sorbate - what is it for the substance, how it is obtained, its main properties.

    Physical and chemical characteristics of potassium sorbate

    This chemical is the potassium salt of sorbic acid - it can be of artificial or natural origin. It is synthesized as a result of the reaction of interaction between sorbic acid and potassium hydroxide. It is also obtained from the seeds of different types of plants, but synthetic potassium sorbate is most often used in industry.

    Potassium sorbate looks like a powder with granules of different shapes and sizes, they come in white or light beige. It does not have a pronounced odor, it only has a slightly bitter-sour taste.

    Potassium sorbate is a preservative , which dissolves well in both warm and cold water - which is exactly and distinguishes it from sorbic acid. The best dissolution of this substance occurs at an aqueous medium temperature of 50 to 60 В° C, the substance dissolves poorly in ethanol. It is worth noting that this substance also has optimal thermal stability, its melting point is 270 В° C.

    The action of potassium sorbate occurs in an environment with a pH of 4.0 to 6.5. It loses the properties of a preservative when combined with nonionic surfactants and polysorbates, its use is more effective in products with parabens and propylene glycol.

    Potassium sorbate, the use of in products of which is permitted in many European countries, is indicated on the packaging under the abbreviation E202. It is used as a preservative against yeast and molds. In addition to the food industry, it is also successfully used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic enterprises.

    5 main properties of potassium sorbate:

    В· antimicrobial effect - it does not destroy them, but only slows down activity and reproduction as much as possible ;

    В· prolonging the shelf life of food and cosmetics;

    В· it has a positive effect on the human body, detoxifies it and increases immunological reactivity;

    additional hydration;

    В· the substance is absolutely hypoallergenic.

    The use of potassium sorbate in the food industry

    The intense antimicrobial effect of sorbic acid, the basis for the synthesis of potassium sorbate, was known back in the 19th century ... Mass production of this substance began in the middle of the last century, and since then this preservative has become the most popular in the food industry.

    Potassium sorbate to buy in Kiev is very simple, due to its hypoallergenicity it is allowed apply in a wide range of products, namely:

    - margarines and oils;

    - natural cheeses;

    - fermented milk products;

    - fish products;

    - confectionery - sweets, chocolate, praline, nougat;

    - industrial production test;

    - confectionery butter creams;

    - bakery products of different types;

    - different types of sausages - boiled, smoked;

    - jams, jams, preserves from berries and fruits;

    - children's fruit and berry purees;

    - canned vegetables;

    - grape and semi-finished apple juices;

    - sauerkraut of industrial production;

    - flour products that do not contain yeast;

    - sauces;

    - carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

    The advantage of using potassium sorbate as a preservative is that it does not affect the color, taste and aroma of the finished product. Potassium sorbate is worth buying due to the fact that it not only increases the shelf life of products, but also minimizes the risk of consumer poisoning.

    Due to its ease of use, potassium sorbate is introduced directly into the raw material that is needed for the manufacture of food. It can also be pre-dissolved in water in order to surface treatment of finished products.

    But even though potassium sorbate is an absolutely safe additive for human health, it cannot be used uncontrollably. For each product category, a corresponding dosage per 100 kg has been developed:

    20-30 g - low-alcohol wines, 50 g - non-alcoholic;

    60-120 g - margarines and oils;

    70-200 g - jam, preserves, jams from fruits and berries; < This natural preservative allows the production of natural cosmetics on an industrial scale and maximizes their shelf life.

    Potassium sorbate in cosmetics helps to slow down the growth of aerophilic bacteria, yeasts and molds in the natural environment. Since now the trend for organic cosmetics is at the peak of fashion - the use of a natural preservative in the process of its manufacture is especially welcome.

    Potassium sorbate can both dissolve in an aqueous medium and become a fat phase when creating an emulsion, which is significantly expands the range of its use. Its presence in lotions and face creams enhances their softening and moisturizing effect on the epidermis.

    It is actively used in the manufacturing process:

    Facial care products - cleansing gels, lotions, tonics, serums, creams and balms;

    Serums and creams designed to be applied in the orbital zone;

    Cosmetics for hair care - masks, shampoos, balms, conditioners, sprays, oils;

    В· various types of decorative cosmetics - from eye shadow to foundation, powder, lipstick and lip gloss;

    В· Peeling products based on anhydrous composition;

    В· cosmetic products with sunscreen effect;

    В· hydrolates.

    Potassium sorbate buy wholesale Recommended even for those who make cosmetics at home. Often, its dosage is no more than 0.3 g per 100 ml of the finished product. Compliance with this proportion will not only extend the shelf life of the product, but also save consumers from any negative consequences associated with the use of such cosmetics.

    There are a number of other industries where potassium sorbate has been used. These are pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as factories for the production of tobacco and rubber products.

    Potassium sorbate: instructions for its storage and use

    It is important to remember that potassium sorbate, an additive with a preservative effect, is safe for human health only in a certain dose. Experts recommend that the total dose of its consumption per day should not exceed 25 mg per 1 kg of human weight. Otherwise, there is a risk of a slight allergic reaction, but it will not do much harm to health. People with hypersensitivity to this substance may experience discomfort in the area of ??the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach.

    Foods that contain potassium sorbate are also not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

    This chemical can be transported and stored in:

    В· sealed containers;

    В· paper bags with a special plastic insert;

    В· fiber drums, which contain a plastic bag inside;

    Kraft paper or wicker bags with a plastic insert.

    They should be in an absolutely dry room where the temperature is constantly kept low and which is well ventilated from strangers odors.

    Important: potassium sorbate should never be stored in direct sunlight. It does not emit toxic substances into the air, and is not an explosive and fire-safe substance. The sun's rays simply reduce its beneficial properties. Potassium sorbate you can buy 1 kg or place a bulk order on favorable terms on our website.

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