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    A lactose is food
    A lactose is food
    A lactose is food
    A lactose is food
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    Food lactose (milk sugar) is essentially a disaccharide containing glucose and galactose molecules. It is a white and yellowish white powder with a sweetish taste. It is obtained by evaporation, and after crystallization and drying of cheese whey. This substance has a high nutritional value, which is why it is widely used in various industries.

    The main area where food lactose is used is the production of infant formula (breast milk substitutes) and other baby food products. This substance increases the absorption of calcium and accelerates the hardening of bones, which is why it was chosen for the base of milk mixtures.

    When added to baked goods, it provides a richer golden crust. Replacing part of sucrose with food lactose, in caramel and iris, it is possible to achieve a richer taste. In jam and marmalade, thanks to it, the taste of berries is noticeably enhanced.

    This substance is also used in the production of alcoholic beverages, as thanks to it alcoholic beverages acquire a delicate taste and softness. In addition, in case of an overdose of alcohol, this substance reduces the negative effects on the body.

    Food lactose has the ability to adsorb odors and hide the bitterness of food, as well as stabilize the taste and color. This property is actively used in the production of meat products.

    In pharmaceuticals, lactose is added to tablets to increase the absorption of the drug and improve the taste. She participates in the synthesis of vitamins C and B. It is also used for the manufacture of biologically active supplements with bifidogenic properties and dietary nutrition.

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