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    Carbonate of magnesium 2836991100

    Carbonate of magnesium
    Carbonate of magnesium
    Carbonate of magnesium
    Carbonate of magnesium
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    Magnesium carbonate (food additive E504) - colorless crystals, almost insoluble in water, magnesium carbonic acid. Reacts well with acids, while decomposing with the release of carbon dioxide. Widespread in nature as a mineral - the mineral"magnesite".

    Chemical formula: MgCO3. Magnesium carbonate is not toxic by itself, but eating large amounts of it can cause central nervous system depression and heart failure. May cause irritation of the respiratory tract and the digestive tract (acts as a laxative in high concentrations), irritates the skin and mucous membranes. In the food industry it is used as an antioxidant to preserve the color of food.

    It is also widely used as an additive to table salt to avoid clumping.

    Other uses of magnesium carbonate: - in the cosmetic industry, as one of the components of masks for normal to dry skin, due to its soft and astringent properties; - used as a drying powder for hands in weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, rock climbing; - in the production of plastic, as an anti-smoke component; - in compositions for extinguishing fire; - for the manufacture of thermal insulation materials; - for the production of powder, toothpaste.

    TypeCarbonate of magnesium

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