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    Chelate of zinc (EDTA) 15% 2922498500

    Chelate of zinc (EDTA) 15%
    Chelate of zinc (EDTA) 15%
    Chelate of zinc (EDTA) 15%
    Chelate of zinc (EDTA) 15%
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    Zinc chelate (EDTA) 15% is an element that is essential for fiber flax.

    The consumption rate for which is 1-1.2 kg / ha in the "herringbone" phase and corn is normal consumption of 0.5 kg / ha in the phase of 6-8 leaves.

    Zinc - regulates protein, lipoid, carbohydrate, phosphorus metabolism and biosynthesis of vitamins and growth substances-auxins. Zinc is important for the growth and development of industrial, vegetable, cultivated and fruit-bearing crops.

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