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    Oxide of magnesium 2519901000

    Oxide of magnesium
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    Magnesium oxide (burnt magnesia, magnesium oxide) is a fine white light powder. It is practically insoluble in water, but easily absorbs it; we will dissolve in diluted hydrochloric acid. The main form is the mineral periclase. Density 3.58 g / cm³. Melting point - 2825 ° C, boiling point - 3600 ° C.

    Magnesium oxide is obtained by firing magnesite and dolomite minerals.

    Depending on the production temperature, magnesium oxide is two types: 1. Light magnesia is a colorless powder that easily reacts with dilute acids and water to form the corresponding salts; 2. Heavy magnesia, or metallurgical powder, which consists of large crystals of periclase and is characterized by acid resistance and water resistance.

    < u> Chemical formula: MgO

    Magnesia, Magnesium Oxide


    Used in industry for the production of refractories, cements, refining of petroleum products, as a filler in rubber production. Ultra-light magnesium oxide is used as a very fine abrasive for cleaning surfaces, in particular, in the electronics industry.

    In medicine, it is used with increased acidity of gastric juice, as it is caused by an excess content of hydrochloric acid. Burnt magnesia is also taken in case of accidental ingestion of acids in the stomach.

    In the food industry it is registered as a food additive E530, which prevents caking and clumping.

    In artistic gymnastics, applied to the palm of an athlete, the powder protects him from the danger of falling off the gymnastic apparatus.

    It is an absolute reflector - a substance with a reflection coefficient equal to one in a wide spectral band. Can be used as an accessible standard for white. 

    Closeness3,58 ã/ñì³
    Temperature of melting2825° C

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