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    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
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    Appearance manganese sulfate - crystalline powder or crystals from white to slightly pink, bitter in taste and resulting from the dehydration of the corresponding crystalline hydrates. It dissolves well in water and does not dissolve in alcohol.

    Manganese sulfate has the following chemical formula: MnSO4

    Application of manganese sulfate:

    Manganese sulfate is widely used as a micronutrient fertilizer, in the feed, agricultural industry, seeds of sugar beet, cotton, and others are processed. It is used for foliar feeding and for the production of marganized superphosphate. In vegetable growing of protected soil, manganese sulfate is used for the main filling of soils and substrates, it is used when there is a deficiency of manganese in the soil, which can cause a decrease in yield. On the leaves of plants, a lack of manganese is manifested by burns, spots and chlorosis. Manganese sulfate is used for vegetable, berry or flower crops. The fertilizer diluted in water is evenly sprayed onto plant leaves in dry, calm weather.

    Manganese sulfate has also been used in the production of ferrites. As a component of dyes in the textile and porcelain industry.

    Manganese sulfate is used in the production of lead-manganese desiccants, divalent manganese salts catalytically affect some oxidative processes, especially those occurring under the influence of atmospheric oxygen , this is the basis for their use as driers - substances that, being dissolved in linseed oil, accelerate its oxidation with atmospheric oxygen and, thereby, promote faster drying. Linseed oil containing a desiccant is called drying oil. Some organic manganese salts are used as driers.

    Manganese sulfate is used in organic synthesis, as a catalyst, including in the production of synthetic fatty acids.

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