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    Carbonate of sodium (ultra pure) 2836300000

    Carbonate of sodium (ultra pure)
    Carbonate of sodium (ultra pure)
    Carbonate of sodium (ultra pure)
    Carbonate of sodium (ultra pure)
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    Sodium carbonate (ultra pure)

    Sodium carbonate is used in glass production, soap making and production of washing and cleaning powders, enamels, to obtain ultramarine. It is also used to soften the water of steam boilers and generally eliminate water hardness, to degrease metals and desulphatize pig iron. Sodium carbonate is the initial product for obtaining NaOH, Na2B4O7, Na2HPO4. Sodium carbonate (soda ash) Name and function of the substance:

    Sodium carbonate (soda ash) - acidity regulator; oxidizing agent. Available in dishwashing liquid, cigarettes, pesticides.

    In the food industry, it is registered as a food additive E500, acidity regulator, baking powder,

    TypeCarbonate of sodium

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