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    Tricalcium phosphate - is the most common calcium-phosphorus additive used in animal husbandry practice in many countries. Tricalcium phosphate is still considered the most common "feed phosphate". It is a part of minerals - phosphorite, apatite, hydroxylapatite.

    Tricalcium phosphate is, according to various sources, gray or gray with a brown tint, cream or light yellow, white with a gray tint, amorphous powder poorly soluble in water. This variation in the tonal features of the color of the product under consideration is the result of the unequal chemical composition of the feedstock of individual apatite deposits, from which tricalcium phosphate is obtained.

    Density: 2.81 g / cm³. Melting point: 1670 ° C.

    Chemical formula: Ca3 (PO4) 2

    Received by hydrothermal roasting of apatite or phosphorite concentrate with the addition of hemihydrate phosphoric acid at a temperature of 1450-1600 ° C.

    Calcium phosphate feed relatively cheap tricalcium phosphate can be considered as the most valuable and effective source of mineral elements for the animal body at a relatively low price. Its use as a feed additive in the composition of feed and feed mixtures allows you to easily balance the level of phosphorus in the diets of all types of agricultural animals and significantly increase the productivity of animals.

    Tricalcium phosphate is also used for the purification of sugar syrups in the production of refined sugar, in the production of ceramics and glass, for the manufacture of toothpastes and powders, it is part of abrasives for polishing and grinding metals, is used to remove fluorine from water, for conditioning table salt, is used in medicine, etc. Edible tricalcium phosphate is used to eliminate the hygroscopicity of table salt.

    Depending on the type of raw material, composition and purpose, calcium phosphate is produced in three grades: - monocalcium phosphate; - dicalcium phosphate (precipitate); - tricalcium phosphate.

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