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    A kreatin is a monohydrate
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    Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular forms of creatine on the sports nutrition market. Typically, creatine monohydrate is available in powder or capsule.

    It is a naturally occurring substance found in the muscles of humans and animals. Creatine is required to maintain normal human energy metabolism and is a source of energy for muscles.

    The human body contains about 100-140 g of creatine, and its consumption for an average person is about 2 g per day. Creatine (you can buy from us) plays no less important role than, for example, protein or carbohydrates. It can be produced by the body on its own, or it can enter the body from the outside - along with food.

    Without going into scientific details, the main effects of creatine on the human body can be formulated as follows:

    1. Increased strength.
    2. Increased muscle mass.
    3. Increased secretion own anabolic hormones.
    4. Positive effect on muscle definition.

    From this we can draw the main conclusion - creatine allows you to improve your own athletic performance in various sports: running, cycling, jumping, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc. I would like to pay special attention to bodybuilding, where the effect of creatine is most fully manifested. Creatine allows you to achieve an increase in lean muscle mass (according to some sources, from 2 to 5 kg in the first month of admission). Also, this substance has an amazing effect on strength indicators. Recent studies have shown that creatine monohydrate allows you to increase the weight in the bench press by 10 kg after a week of taking (you can buy such creatine from us). In other exercises, there is also a significant increase in the weight of the shells.

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