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    Distilled water
    Distilled water
    Distilled water
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    Distilled water
    Distilled water
    Distilled water
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    Distilled water is produced on an industrial scale by distillation using a special equipment.

    The debate about whether it is possible to drink distilled water has been going on for a long time, but so far neither medicine nor ordinary citizens have come to a consensus on this issue. It is used in manufacturing in cooling systems, motorists cannot do without it, even housewives sometimes need distilled water recommended by iron manufacturers (for steam ).

    But we need to find out the benefits and harms of distilled water when used for drinking. For this it is necessary to consider all the argumentation of opponents and supporters. Those who call to drink distilled water believe that:

    • the composition of distilled water is closest to pure natural water - rain and melt water, it cannot harm the body;
    • inorganic minerals should not come in water, but in food - water should quench thirst and participate in cellular processes, and distilled water is better suited for these purposes;
    • the properties of distilled water are such that it flushes toxins from the body , and passing through the kidneys, does not contribute to any deposits in the form of stones and salts;
    • clean water cannot do much harm to the body, since it does not contain anything that can directly contribute to the deterioration of health.

      Many supporters of a healthy life, in particular Paul Bragg, believed that drinking distilled water is the only possible way to quench your thirst for a person. Washing out calcium from teeth and other useful substances from other parts of the body is more likely to be classified as myths than real facts.

      If pure water washes out something from blood vessels, tissues and organs, then only something superfluous and unnecessary. And the teeth are much more damaged by the use of coffee, beer, Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks.

      You can buy distilled water at the pharmacy. But it is not at all necessary to constantly replenish its reserves in this way.

      It is not difficult to obtain distilled water at home - for this, you can, for example, collect rainwater (of course, if you live in ecologically clean geographic area away from industrial enterprises).

      But if this method does not suit you, then we suggest another. We are talking about a moonshine still - a distiller. The principle is simple. When the water boils in the container, steam is generated, which is cooled in our distiller. The end product is distilled water. The water obtained in this way is of very good quality.

      Only clean containers should be used to store distilled water.

    water distils a minimum orderfrom 500 litres
    water is a price which distilsdepends on a volume
    water is delivery which distilsall regions of Ukraine
    water packing which distilsfrom 5 litres

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