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    Khlorparafin KHP-470 3824909790

    Khlorparafin KHP-470
    Khlorparafin KHP-470
    Khlorparafin KHP-470
    Khlorparafin KHP-470
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    Chlorinated paraffin HP-470 (liquid chlorinated paraffin) is a transparent oily liquid from yellow to slightly brown in color without mechanical impurities. Light opalescence is allowed.

    Chlorinated paraffin wax is highly soluble in mineral and lubricating oils, organochlorine solvents, ethers, ketones, etc. , slightly soluble in alcohols, is compatible with rubbers, polyester and various alkyd resins.

    Chemical formula: C n H 2n + 2-x Cl x , where n = 10-30; х = 1-7

    Chlorinated paraffin HP-470 is used in the following industries and technologies:

    • Used in the production of rubber goods, plastisols and PVC pastes, as a plasticizer for emulsion resin;
    • As a liquid filler to reduce the cost the cost of the product. Depending on the formulation, the content of chlorinated paraffin can vary from 2% to 50%;
    • Secondary plasticizers of PVC compositions, polyvinyl chloride, in the production of cable compounds (grade A in light polymer compositions, grade B - in dark compositions, lubricants and coolant). Depending on the recipe, the content of chlorinated paraffin can vary from 2% to 10%;
    • In the production of roofing materials (for the production of soft tiles);
    • Production of nitrocellulose varnishes for wood processing. In the production of the following paints: ED enamels, acrylic paints, alkyd paints, road paints, auto enamels, silicate enamels.

    Physicochemical parameters of chlorinated paraffin HP-470 TU 2493-379-05763441-2002

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    Indicator name Norm
    0.0005 0.005
    Chromaticity according to iodine scale, mg iodine / 100 cm³, no more 5 -

    Chlorinated paraffin HP-470 - slow-burning , fire and explosion-proof, low-toxic, non-volatile substance, does not have a harmful effect on the human body. It belongs to the III toxicological hazard class. But, when working with chlorinated paraffin HP-470, you should protect the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes using personal protective equipment. During processing at temperatures above 200 ° C, hydrogen chloride can be released. Chloroparaffin is poured into cans or barrels,

    Closeness at 20°С, êã/ì³, scope1185-1235
    Mass fate of chlorine % scope45-49

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