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    Ammonium monophosphate 3105300000

    Ammonium monophosphate
    Ammonium monophosphate
    Ammonium monophosphate
    Ammonium monophosphate
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    • ТН ВЭД: 3105300000
    • The country of manufacture: Словакия
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Ammonium monophosphate


    Used as fertilizer, fire retardant for wood, paper, fabrics, mineral dressing for livestock, a component of flux for soldering tin, bronze, copper, zinc, baking powder, piezo and ferroelectric.

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    Concentrated form of fertilizeryes
    Maximal humidity0.4
    Maximal temperature of effective action50 hail.
    Maximal temperature of storage50 hail.
    Minimum temperature of effective action50 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage50 hail.
    Packinga fertilizer is cased in B/Ss of net 50 kg, мкр type of "биг-бэг" net 1000 ton
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Shelf-life120 meses
    Type of fertilizerammonium monophosphate

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