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    Sodium пиросульфит 2832100000

    Sodium пиросульфит
    Sodium пиросульфит
    Sodium пиросульфит
    Sodium пиросульфит
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    Sodium pyrosulfite is a crystalline powder of white or slightly yellow color with a pungent odor of sulfurous anhydride, it is readily soluble in water, it is difficult to dissolve in ethyl alcohol. It is a salt of pyrosulfurous acid.

    Sodium pyrosulfite solution has an acidic reaction. In water, hydrolysis easily occurs with conversion to sodium hydrosulfite. When stored in air, the reagent loses SO2 and absorbs oxygen, converting to sodium sulfate. When the salt is heated, thermal decomposition occurs with the release of sulfur dioxide SO2. Density: 2.36 g / cm³. Melting point 150 ° C, decomposition temperature 65 ° C. Chemical formula: Na2S2O5.

    Sodium pyrosulfite, Sodium pyrosulfite Sodium pyrosulfite (sodium metabisulfite) is obtained by the interaction of sulfur dioxide with soda-sulfite solution.

    Application of sodium metabisulfite:

    Food industry: is used as a food additive-preservative E223, an antioxidant , a bleach and baking powder, is used in the production of fruit juices, sweets and beer. In winemaking it is used in the sulfitation of wort, mash and wine as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. In the fishing industry - for canning fish, meat, marine animals (animals) and fish waste.

    Pharmaceutical industry: used as a filler in some tablets, an excipient in injection drugs, water filtration systems, for equipment disinfection.

    Chemical industry:

    Closeness:2,36 ã/ñì³
    Temperature of melting150° C

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