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    Propilenglikol BASF 2905320000

    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
    Propilenglikol BASF
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2905320000
    • The country of manufacture: Германия
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    • Brand name: BASF

    1,2-propylene glycol is a transparent, viscous liquid. The density of propylene glycol is slightly higher than that of water and is 1.03 g / l at 20 В° C. Pour point: -60 В° С. An aqueous solution of propylene glycol 60% freezes at a temperature of about -70 В° C.

    Propylene glycol is recognized as FDA safe (GRAS) and approved for use in all countries for use as a food additive E 1520 as a water-retaining, emollient and dispersing agent. In cosmetics, propylene glycol is used for the preparation of elixirs, shampoos, emulsions, toothpastes, lipsticks and other preparations. Propylene glycol is used as a solvent for fragrances, essential oils and in the production of fragrances. The use of propylene glycol as an emulsifier and plasticizer in perfumery and cosmetics makes it possible to obtain formulations with stable properties for the use of dispenser bottles.

    Propylene glycol is used in creamy moisturizing masks to restore and strengthening nails, both for medical and prophylactic purposes, and propylene glycol acts here as a substance that has the ability to accumulate and retain moisture on the surface of the skin and nails. Propylene glycol added to the composition of feed does not have a direct nutritional effect on the animal organism, however, it helps to improve the quality of feed and slows down their spoilage. Propylene glycol is also added to improve the appearance of feed. It is also included in sedative medications used in veterinary medicine. When using propylene glycol for the production of products for the needs of animals, its preserving, sterilizing, bactericidal, stabilizing, lubricating properties, non-toxicity, and solvent properties are taken into account.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, propylene glycol is used as a hygroscopic substance and as a carrier or solvent in medicinal fluids and ointments. Esters with salicylic acid or its derivatives (propylene glycol ether) have anti-fever, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Propylene glycol as a good solvent for natural and synthetic substances has found application in the manufacture of various tinctures, solutions for injections, ointments, wipes, etc.

    Propylene glycol is included in anti-inflammatory and bactericidal formulations for the treatment of diseases of the nasal cavity, fistulas, hay fever, etc., as well as in compositions for wound healing after deep burns or the action of chemical products. Steroid tert-ethers of propylene glycol have bactericidal and spermicidal action. Surfactants, which are condensation products of propylene glycol with ethylene oxide, are proposed for the resorption of edema.

    Propylene glycol is not replaceable as a moisturizer for external drugs and creams. 70% condom lubricant and 60% massage lubricant consists of propylene hydrochloride.

    Packing Units rev.
    215 kg
    1000 kg

    Closeness1,03 ã/ë at 20°С
    Temperature of застигання:-60°Ñ
    Type of liquidPrepared liquid

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