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    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40 3105201000

    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
    Nitroammofoska 10:40 fertilizer of NPK 10:40
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    Nitroammofoska 10:40 NPK fertilizer 10:40

    Dobrivo, about yake, to take revenge in your majesty the amount of available phosphorus, as well as calcium and nitrogen. Also, there is a lasting positive effect on the process of development of old growing lines. NPK is kind to be introduced to everybody. The stench is razbavlyayutsya near the water and introduced for any culture in the amount of great quantities, not zavayuyut at the whole zhodnoy shkodi. Overloading with such additives is practically uncomfortable.

    The role of nitrogen in the development of roselin

    Nitrogen is to be found in the clays of roselin, and I will take an active part in prompting the growth of growing bricks, vitamins and chlorophylls. If pathogenic microorganisms penetrate into the growing tissue, the chemical reaction will occur, nitrogen monoxide will play a role.

    During the period of active development of the green mass of roselin nitrogen I will not stimulate the process, accelerating the process of growing the stem and the leaf. By the natural path of the growing line, take nitrogen from the nitric acid salts and ammonia. In such a rank, the growth of vegetables and fruit crops is kind, so that nitrogen, accelerating the development of roselin, changes in the growth of the roselin and the remains of food.

    > The role of phosphorus

    The Danish element is one of the most important components in adenosine triphosphate (ATP nucleotide), which is a universal energy source for cells of living organisms. Yak and nitrogen, phosphorus I will take an active part in the village of Russia. Without a new formulation of the root system, it is not a matter of any kind. Deficiency of phosphorus is produced before the root is weak and infused. With the smallest stretch on dry land, the growth is dusky zagine. Optimal balance of phosphorus vivification with the advantage of increasing the stiffness to fever. It is obvious that it’s not only the strength of the growths until the later negative bills, the ale and the fruiting and the blooming from phosphorus.

    But the growths take away more phosphorus from the soil, it doesn’t mean that if you are involved in this culture, you cannot forget about the compensation of the price of growth. In addition, it is necessary to vrahovuvati, so that the tinning of the soil before the phosphorus passes into an unresponsive form, as it is not suitable for the growth of roslin. If the situation didn’t go through the control, it’s necessary to change the acidity of the root before the culture.

    The role of calories

    Reappraise the value of the element for the development of the rosette to be completed foldably ... Tsya speech is present in the growing organisms of the viglyadi ions K +. They are indispensable in the process of synthesis of carbohydrates and organic speech and transport from leaves to the other organs of the roseline. In addition, for a rakhunok, a lot of nitrogen is needed for the exchange of nitrogen, which has been bought up in the clays of over-surplus amiaku.

    Another superbly important function for the necessary balance is constantly needed. Good quality improvement The efficiency of living in the field of medicine. The frost and stiffness to dryness will grow for the growth of the frost, and the osmotic grip of the middle clitin will also be tolerated.

    Yak and phosphorus, the calamity of the frosty clays of the stems, the leaves of the stems, the leaves of the stems, the leaves of the stem In the natural minds of the roslin, they can remove the caly from the soil from the viglyadi carbonate, which, interacting with water, transforming into іony kalіya. For roslin, this kind of difference is the most affordable, and with the addition of an additional amount of money, the price is varto vrahovuvati.

    NPK is kind

    Mayzhe are all kind of folks, widespread by , represented by amophos. It can be recovered from the process of neutralization of products in the interaction of phosphoric acid with phosphorite (or apatite) for an additional amiak. Amophos є with a concentrated goodness of the highest level of efficiency and suitable for all types of runts.

    To be able to prepare nitroamofoski, її to take the path of reworking amophos. For the whole process of neutralization of phosphoric acid and ammonia, calcium chloride is added. Dobrio, not in this way, to revenge a large amount of nitrogen, calories and phosphorus. Try 100% of the words to be glorified and get used to the roslin, you will not get the result.

    Vikoristannya kind NPK

    Phosphate food, і, zokrem, nіtroamofoska, go for any minds. Necessarily because of the fact that the growth of the tree grows in and in any growth, the effect will be remembered. Nitroamofoska is required to be supplemented with vegetables and greenhouse crops in the period of vegetation. Varto mean, that without the addition of this kind of goodness, it is not possible to grow grain, technical, salted crops and bagatory herbs.

    On an important clay soil, it is recommended to introduce goodness in autumn, and on a light soil - in spring.

    Forms introduced goodness

    The dermal growth has its own consumer. Introducing basically kindly for that chi іnshu culture abo pіdzhivlyuyuchi її, it is necessary to vrahovuvati characteristic for the skin specific type of particularity. Below are represented cultures, as most of them are often trawled, and methods of bagging the soil for them:

    • Vegetables per hour for growing plants - 2.8-3.0 kg / weaving;
    • Cartoplja in the phase of budding - 2.6-2.8 kg / weaving;
    • Sunslya flowering for a spring - 1.2-1.4 kg / weaving;
    • berries on a cob of spring - 2.5-2.7 kg / weaving;
    • Fruits of a tree in early spring - 4.5-5 kg ??/ weaving;
    • Home kits (watering for an hour in the spring-summer season) - 15-20 grams per liter of water.

    Earlier, nitroamofoska - kindly neutral, day-to-day, not too long. Diyno, overpowering їм їм їрунт quite well, however, the specified norms are still varto dotrimuvatisya. I have a pearl, so I positively embed it on the roslin camp. In the unbalanced minds, the stems and leaves will have no more development. Moreover, above the world, the victorious is kindly to cause zyvy vitrati, in which there are no references.

    Perevagi nitroamofoski in front of the other mineral goodness:

    • Roslin complex living . A lot of good ones have ideally balanced brown elements, so that they will get the maximum effect.
    • Increased productivity . From such a kind roselin you will produce 15-18% more fruit.
    • Advancing the immunity of roselin . Cultures, which grow into nitroamofos, are even less likely to grow into ruinous deeds of powdery mildew.
    • Home of the growing growth . With nitroamofosku stalks will be superbly powerful, move їhnya stikіst to wilaghne.

    De i yak buy nіtroamofosku

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    Type of complex fertilizerMineral
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