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    SKEPIDAR , colorless. or a yellowish liquid with a characteristic pine smell; a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, mainly. terpene; good sol. in non-polar org. p-solvents, diethyl ether, acetone, abs. ethanol, not sol. in water; well dissolves fats, oils, resins. Depending on the method of production (see. Wood chemistry), several are distinguished. types of turpentine.
    Gum turpentine, or turpentine oil, is obtained by distilling off the volatile part of the gum (pine, spruce, larch, cedar, etc.) for the production of rosin. Extraction turpentine is isolated by distillation from resinous substances extracted by extraction org. p-reagents (usually gasoline) from wood chips or stem resin.
    Sulphate and sulphite turpentine are isolated by fractional condensation of vapors (see Fractional condensation) formed during cooking softwood in the production of cellulose. Hydrolytic turpentine is a by-product of hydrolysis industries. Dry distillation, or retort, turpentine receive thermal. processing of the same raw materials (see. Wood pyrolysis), from which. produce extraction turpentine.
    Chem. processing listed. types of turpentine gives a trace. by-products: turpentine without pinene (gum, extraction), isomerized turpentine, oxidized turpentine without pinene, sulfate solvent turpentine.

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