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    Etoksipropanol 2909498090

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    Solvent of cellulose esters, natural and synthetic resins.

    As a constituent of antifreezes. Additive for flotation beneficiation of non-ferrous metal ores. In the manufacture of anti-icing agent. Active solvent in coatings, printing inks. As a degreasing agent in the production of household chemicals.

    Solvent in the production of adhesive coatings (especially for glues based on chloroprene, nitrile, thermoplastics). Cleaner for electrical appliances (cleaning contacts before soldering); component of household detergents (glass washing liquid, dishwashing liquid, etc.); for degreasing metals. Industrial cleaner (fabric cleaners). Component for the production of cosmetics (in particular creams).

    Filler in the production of linoleum and wallpaper (for printing patterns). Component in the production of automotive coatings (including repairing). Consumables for various types of printing (for example, solvent in flexographic printing, including printing on food packaging).

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    Type of materialSolvent

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