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    Flotoreagent-oksal' T-92 3824909809

    Flotoreagent-oksal' T-92
    Flotoreagent-oksal' T-92
    Flotoreagent-oksal' T-92
    Flotoreagent-oksal' T-92
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    • Brand name: Евро-Л

    Physical properties

    The product is a flammable liquid from yellow to brown, which does not stratify, has a weak aromatic smell, contains more than 50% dioxane ethers and alcohols, and also close to 50% mixtures of 1, 2 and 3 atomic alcohols.


    currently, the flotation agent flotation agent oxal T-92 is widely used in the production of:

    1. PVC materials, namely:
      • linoleum, produced by roller-calender, contact -printing and lubricating methods;
      • packaging films for food and medicines;
      • washable wallpaper;
      • oilcloths;
      • artificial leather;
      • profile molded products;
      • film covering of the front layer of linoleum;
      • shoe compound;
      • dry rolled pastes and nitro enamels based on them;
      • rubber compounds based on polar and acrylonitrile butadiene rubbers;
      • epoxy and polyester compounds, which are also used for self-leveling floor coverings;
      • polysulfide sealants for construction purposes;
      • polyvinyl acetate dispersions (PVAD);
      • plastisols for spot application on various materials or for underbody protection;
      • filled with heat-insulating acrylic putty,used for outdoor work on concrete and metal surfaces.

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    Type of materialSolvent

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