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    Vegetable creams 26% 2106909890

    Vegetable creams 26%
    Vegetable creams 26%
    Vegetable creams 26%
    Vegetable creams 26%
    Vegetable creams 26%
    Vegetable creams 26%
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    Powdered vegetable cream is a substitute for natural cream obtained from vegetable fats (most often coconut, palm, or palm kernel oil is used). The mixture, however, also includes milk proteins (mainly sodium caseinate ), giving the taste, color and aroma of natural cream. The composition of "vegetable cream" also includes acidity regulators, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorings and colorants.

    Description: Vegetable cream is of high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white to cream powder, mainly composed of glucose syrup and vegetable oil.

    Features: Improved product quality. Make more favorable characteristics such as solubility, dispersibility, pleasant taste and delicious aroma. Partially replace milk cream and reduce the cost of products. Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, soy protein, vegetable oil, stabilizers, emulsifiers, bulk agent



    Polypshennya structures, emulsion, consistency, relish. Change Vitrat

    Powdered milk for nemovlyat

    CompositionGlyukoznyy syrup, caseinate of sodium, soy-bean albumen, vegetable butter, stabilizators, эмульгаторы, friable agent
    TypeDry creams

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