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    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2 3102101000

    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
    A carbamide is Ukraine N-46,2
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    Urea as one of the most widespread nitrogen fertilizers for soil has become widespread in agriculture in Ukraine. This is due, first of all, to its advantages, which include: acceleration of the growth of the vegetative mass of the plant, an increase in the protein content in the grain, a significant increase in the level of productivity of most crops. Such properties of this fertilizer as ease of use, stable form, fast solubility and ease of assimilation by plants did not stand aside.

    Carbamide (urea) is a chemical substance with the formula H2N-CO -NH2, excellently soluble in water, alcohol, liquid ammonia and sulphurous anhydride. In industry, urea is synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide using the Bazarov reaction. That is why the production of urea is most often combined with the production of ammonia.

    Urea contains about 46% nitrogen, thereby being the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer. The fertilizer is produced in two grades A and B. Grade A is intended for industrial use, grade B - for agriculture. The substance is highly soluble in water and does not cake during storage. It is used for all types of soils as a basic and pre-sowing fertilizer, as well as as a top dressing. CONTACTS

    The effectiveness of carbamide used as the main fertilizer is in no way inferior to the well-known ammonium nitrate. At the same time, it is carbamide that contains the largest amount of nitrogen, which ensures a high feasibility of its use.

    Carbamide is also used as foliar feeding of vegetables, fruit crops and late dressings of wheat, aimed at increasing the protein content in the finished grain. Urea is valuable because it does not burn upon contact with the plant, which means that the leaves are not harmed. This quality provides excellent fertilizer digestibility. At the same time, with surface application to the soil, urea must be immediately sealed in order to prevent nitrogen losses due to volatilization of ammonia.

    When using urea in acidic soils, it is recommended to use 0 fertilizer per centner of fertilizer per centner, 8c calcium carbonate. Urea can also be mixed with phosphate rock or superphosphate. It should be noted that urea is extremely resistant to leaching, which is especially important for irrigated agriculture. Fertilizer can be applied to the soil both in solid form and in the form of solutions with other liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

    Urea is most often used as fertilizer for potatoes, sugar beets and vegetables.


    carbamide, saltpetre, нитроаммофосdelivery
    Concentrated form of fertilizeryes
    Maximal temperature of effective action40 hail.
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of fertilizerCarbamide

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