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    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
    Formalin 37%
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    Formalin (or water-methanol solution of formaldehyde) is a sharp-smelling colorless transparent liquid. During storage, the formation of a white precipitate is possible, soluble at a temperature of no more than 40 ° C.

    Formalin chemical formula: CH2O

    Formalin is used in the production of: synthetic rubber and resins, surfactants, formalin, polyhydric alcohols and other methylene derivatives.

    Formalin is used in such industries:

    • in textile - to increase the resistance of products to creasing and shrinkage;
    • in leather - for tanning leather;
    • in paper - to improve the strength and quality of paper;
    • in agriculture - for processing root crops and seeds, disinfection of livestock buildings and soil;
    • in medicine - also for disinfection. Formalin prevents decomposition and promotes long-term storage, therefore it is used for embalming organic substances, organs, organisms.

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    Medical formDrops
    Sphere of the useFood industry
    The maximal loading is on all construction100 kg
    to purchase formalin with delivery on composition of buyer066 57-00
    TypeDisinfectant washing
    Type of animals

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