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    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery 3102800000

    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric KAS-32 to purchase with delivery
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    KAS-32: application to the soil, composition, advantages

    Urea-ammonia mixture is a complex fertilizer that combines saltpeter and urea component dissolved in water. If we talk about a percentage, then the composition of the substance can be distributed as follows: about 45% nitrate, 35% carbamide, as well as about 20% water (pure and ammoniacal). The density of UAN-32 in the liquid state does not exceed 1.34 kgm3 3 .

    Composition of UAN-32: formula with triple nitrogen

    Unique in composition fertilizer KAS-32, buy which is available from producers of inorganic and complex fertilizing, contains a nitrogen component in three forms:

    • nitrogen nitrate allows the fertilizer to affect soil from the first hours of application;
    • nitrogen from the ammonium bond is released, converting into nitrate, during the nitrification reaction;
    • amide nitrogen from urea is converted twice - first into an ammonium complex, and then into a nitrate one, upon interaction with microorganisms in the soil.

    As a result of such a stepwise release of nitrates, the maximum long-term replenishment of the soil occurs. The main thing is to ensure that the fertilizer is covered with a minimum layer of soil in order to exclude evaporation of the ammonium component, especially when it comes to dry and hot periods.

    Due to the special composition and economy of UAN-32, the price fertilizer and production costs are significantly lower than those of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers. Losses during their introduction into the soil are at least 30% (for UAN-32 - about 10%).

    Productivity of UAN-32: uniform distribution and assimilation

    The liquid aggregate state of the fertilizer serves the guarantee of the competent distribution of nitrogen-containing complexes in the soil, which cannot be said about granular and dry dressings. In addition, liquid fertilizer , which can be applied with other pesticides or trace elements, mixes well with them and does not lose effectiveness. By combining several stages of feeding, farmers' time can be significantly saved.

    In the case of vegetative plants, the fertilizer can serve as fractional feeding and be used both in whole and diluted form (root and foliar processing).

    The importance of foliar dressing with UAN is essential for grain crops. Fertilizer allows you to provide the necessary supply of useful elements in the conditions of heading of plants, when there is a significant cooling, drought or first frosts. Foliar top dressing helps to provide an adequate amount of readily available "food". In such cases, it is better to take an unsaturated concentrate fertilizer and dilute it yourself to the desired density. The degree of assimilation of top dressing increases in comparison with root application due to the fact that amide nitrogen is more easily absorbed by greens. At this stage, it is advisable to use UAN together with other elements and protective additives.

    To correctly respond to the development of shoots, to have a highly efficient production and to collect a rich harvest - a complex and flexible nutritional supplement CAS-32 is needed. The price of the fertilizer is quite acceptable and pays off at times when used. In addition, with the help of tank mixes, it is easy to regulate the characteristics of the final product - gluten, protein content, properties of malting barley, as well as correct the missing factors in the process of growth and maturation.

    In addition to versatility, the fertilizer has an important quality for ecology in In general: the substance does not pollute the soil and air, but on the contrary - improves the rates of nitrogen absorption during the dry months. The absence of toxic and explosive properties characteristic of nitrate makes transportation, storage and use of UAN safe. Any type of container is suitable for him - steel, plastic, stainless steel. that the air temperature is below 10 В° C. Such processing is advisable for winter crops immediately after the snow melts;

  • second spring feeding: it is recommended to dilute KAS-32 in a ratio of 1: 2 to avoid burns. A single dose should not exceed a concentration of 30 kg per hectare, and when feeding together with protective substances and microelements, it is advisable to dilute in a ratio of 1: 3 or even 1: 4 with water;
  • the third feeding: optional, but may to be used with a lack of nitrogen during the earing period. The limiting dose of fertilizer is no more than 10 kg per hectare.
  • Fractional application of UAN-32 when feeding spring crops

    In the case of growing spring plants, fractional feeding with UAN is used, taking into account period, growth phase and additional additives.

    To avoid burns, UAN should be applied only to dry foliage, pausing after rains or heavy dew. When wet, the sensitivity of the leaf plate increases significantly, which is dangerous when spraying.

    If we talk about the combined use of UAN and herbicides, the correct selection of equipment is important here: the volume of a drop of UAN solution should be at least twice as large as the size of a drop of herbicide. Since the absorption of nitrogen is lower at night, it is preferable to spray the mixture in the evening.

    Pros and cons of using a carbamide-ammonia mixture:

    When comparing CAS-32 with granular fertilizers, the following advantages of liquid fertilization are obvious:

    • high application efficiency, regardless of the region and climate aridity;
    • uniform processing of the soil and shoots, the most accurate calculation of dosage and correct distribution of fertilizer in the soil;
    • versatility in terms of time of use (in any growing season);
    • instant penetration into the soil , in which there is no need for an additional layer of earth (the exception is soils with an alkaline medium). Compatibility with modern mini-till and no-till technologies;
    • long-term prolonged action of fertilizing due to the gradual breakdown of nitrogen;
    • saving time and technological resources due to the excellent compatibility of UAN with herbicides, microelements, protective compounds and the possibility of applying a tank mixture;
    • the price of UAN-32 is affordable and cost-effective in comparison with granular fertilizer;
    • lack of biuret.

    The disadvantages of using CAS-32 include the risk of plant burns associated with weather conditions, crop characteristics and dosage of the substance. In addition, the use of liquid top dressing requires compliance with storage and transportation standards, as well as the availability of special equipment for spraying ready-made solutions.

    Concentrated form of fertilizeryes
    Maximal temperature of effective action100 hail.
    Minimum temperature of effective action100 hail.
    Packingtank-car, cubes, barrels
    Preparativnaya formWater suspension
    Shelf-life60 meses
    Type of fertilizerKAS-32

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