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    An agar is an agar 1302310000

    An agar is an agar
    An agar is an agar
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    An agar is an agar
    An agar is an agar
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    Agar Agar

    1. General information.

    Agar-agar is a hydrocolloid obtained by extraction from a certain type of algae Gracilaria converfoides.

    This Agar -agar is a polysaccharide, predominantly consisting of esters of calcium sulfates, sodium galactose and 3.6 copolymers of anhydrogalactose.

    2. Specification.

    < pH (acidity)


    Total heavy metals, less

    20 g / kg

    3 . Other characteristics.

    Powder color - from white to cream.

    Agar-agar does not dissolve in cold water. For its complete dissolution, it is necessary to cook for 10 minutes at 100 В° C.

    An aqueous solution of Agar-agar forms a jelly when cooled to about 40 В° C. The melting temperature of water-based jelly with use is in the range of 80-90 В° C.

    4 . Benefits of using.

    Agar-agar is highly acid-resistant and economical:

    1. jelly strength indicator Agar-agar - more than 2800 g / cm 2 according to Valent;

    2. drop in strength of agar jelly with the introduction of acid is not more than 15%

    3. a high level of synergy Agar-Agar in sugar-containing solutions leads to the formation of high-strength jellies.

    5. Bookmark rate (approximate consumption per 1 ton of finished product)


    Jelly-fruit jelly, molded

    4.2 kg


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