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    Ethyleneglycol (mono-, ди-, три-) 2905310000

    Ethyleneglycol (mono-, ди-, три-)
    Ethyleneglycol (mono-, ди-, три-)
    Ethyleneglycol (mono-, ди-, три-)
    Ethyleneglycol (mono-, ди-, три-)
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    Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethanediol, lat Variants of names: 1,2-Etandiol, Etylenglykol, Dihydroxietan, Monoetylenglykol) - an organic compound, saturated dihydric alcohol, obtained by hydration of ethylene oxide or 1,2-dichloroethane. The chemical formula of ethylene glycol is C2H4 (OH) 2.

    Ethylene glycol is a thick colorless liquid, odorless, sweet in taste, poisonous. Melting point - 13.2 ° С, boiling point 197.6 ° С. The density is 1.11 g / cm3. Ethylene glycol has a number of unique properties, thanks to which it is used in the production of a number of anti-freezing liquids - aqueous solutions, heat carriers and antifreezes for heating systems and industrial refrigeration:

    1. ethylene glycol is readily soluble in water in any ratio, with a concentration from 0% to 100%;
    2. ethylene glycol imparts to aqueous solutions non-freezing (low-freezing) properties and the temperature of the onset of freezing depend on the concentration of ethylene glycol itself in the water;
    3. ethylene glycol has good hygroscopic properties - properties to absorb, absorb moisture, water from surfaces and air, drying it;
    4. ethylene glycol dissolves well insoluble or slightly soluble substances in each other - hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.

    Due to all the listed properties, ethylene glycol is an indispensable component in the production of antifreeze liquids. Our company produces a series of products with different concentrations of ethylene glycol based on ethylene glycol in the form of non-freezing aqueous solutions, antifreezes and coolants for industrial and domestic heating and cooling systems: ethylene glycol 30%, ethylene glycol 40%, ethylene glycol 45%, ethylene glycol 50% and ethylene glycol 65%.

    Ethylene glycol is an active corrosive substance, it belongs to fatty organic compounds, therefore, in the production of aqueous solutions - antifreeze liquids, it is necessary to use additives to protect systems from corrosion and foaming.

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