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    Sul'fosalitsilovaya acid 2918290030

    Sul'fosalitsilovaya acid
    Sul'fosalitsilovaya acid
    Sul'fosalitsilovaya acid
    Sul'fosalitsilovaya acid
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    Sulfosalicylic acid is a colorless translucent needle-shaped crystals or a white crystalline powder.

    Sulfosalicylic acid is easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether, insoluble in benzene and chloroform, is photosensitive. Water solutions have an acidic reaction.


    Sulfosalicylic acid is used in medicine for the qualitative determination of protein in urine, during analytical work for content of nitrates in water.

    In industry, sulfosalicylic acid is used as an additive to the main raw materials, in the synthesis of substances.

    Quality indicators

    4 (OH) COOH 0.05 Iron Ion Sensitivity 0.001 mg in 5 ml
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